Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire Mesh

Looking for high-quality Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire Mesh? Look no further than our factory! We offer durable and reliable wire mesh solutions.
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Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire Mesh
Concrete reinforcement mesh, which be known as welded wire mesh panels, are generally used in building constructions and so on.
Materials: Q195 or Q235 low carbon steel, deformed steel bar
Standard specification: F82, F72, F62, 663,664,665,668 and so on.
Width and length: width: 0.5m-2.4m;
length: 1m-6m
Tensile StrengthYield StengthRatioElongationShear Force AverageCold Bend
Rm≥550MPa  Rp0.2≥500MPa  Rm/Rp0.2≥1.03  25%  ≥0.5Rek.L•As  D=3d
  Product:  ocold-rolled ribbed mesh     ocold-drawn plain mesh  ostainless steel mesh 
    We confirm that,all test sample are  from the same batch(grade,share,geometric,production process,delivery condition)and also passed the test conducted by our quality control department.
REBER & REO WIRE Product Designations
AS/NZS 4671* DesignationDesignation**Yield Stress(MPa)Ductility Class***Product DesignationSource Material TypeSize Range 
D500NN_500NHot rolled deformed rebar MICROALLOY(MA) CONTISTRETCH(CS)N12-N40 straight stock lengths N10,N12,N16 off coil
R250NR_250 250NHot rolled round rebarMild SteelR6,R10,R12 off coil R16-R28 straight stock lengths
D250N_****S_250NHot rolled deformed rebarMild SteelS12-straights
D500L_RW_500LCold rolled ribbed wireMild SteelRW5-RW12 off coil
R500L_W_500LCold drawn round wireMild SteelW4-W12 off coil
*AS/NZS 4671: 2001 Steel reinforcing materials, D = Deformed, R = Round, N =  Normal Ductility, L = Low Ductility
**_indicates bar diameter(mm), N = Normal, R = Round, S = Structural, RW = Ribbed Wire, W = Wire
*** Uniform Strain Limits N: Normal(≥5%) L: Low(≥1.5%)
Square Mesh AS/NZS 4671- SL series
Product Code Std UnitLongitudinal WiresCross WiresMass(kg)Dimensions(m)
  SL52  sheet  10×4.77@200+4×4@100  30×4.77@200 21  6×2.4
  SL62  sheet  10×6@200+4×4.77@100  30×6@200 33  6×2.4
  SL72  sheet  10×6.75@200+4×4@100  30×6.75@200 41  6×2.4
  SL81  sheet  25×7.6@100  60×7.6@200 105  6×2.4
  SL82  sheet  10×7.6@200+4×5.37@100  30×7.6@200 52  6×2.4
  SL92  sheet  10×8.6@200+4×6@100  30×8.6@200 66  6×2.4
  SL102   sheet  10×9.5@200+4×6.75@100  30×9.5@200 80  6×2.4
×Diameter (mm) × Spacing (mm)       
 Rectangular Mesh AS/NZS 4671 - RL series
Product CodeStd UnitLongitudinal WiresCross WiresMass(kg)Dimensions(m)
Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire MeshConcrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire MeshConcrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire MeshConcrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh for Roofing and Wall Wire Mesh
Construction wire mesh panel

Material: High quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, etc.

Wire diameter: 2.5mm--6mm

Length diameter: 10m---50m

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanizing after weaving,

Hot dipped galvanizing before weaving,

Electric galvanizing after weaving,

PVC coated,

Uses: It is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation and mining etc. Such as machine protective cover, animal and livestock fences, flower and plant fences, window fences, thoroughfare fences, poultry cages, egg baskets, office baskets, food baskets, paper baskets and used for decoration.

Packing: Wrapped with moister-proof paper. PVC film, nude packed, or according to the customs requirement

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